I Think This Is The Best Backpack For Travel


When planning to embark on a journey, a trek or just fun hiking with friends, there are some essentials materials you need. You cannot do without, your clothing, shoes, toothbrush and so many other, but all these go into one special place, your backpack.

Getting a backpack that suits you could be a difficult task sometimes. A lot of things must be considered like how big should it be, the texture, the fit, the weight, etc. All these and more are considered while shopping for a backpack.

You might ask, why should you be concerned about picking a travel pack? Having a travel pack makes trekking and sightseeing easier, as you would need to carry several things on your way. With this, anyone would want a high-quality pack, that would stand scorn of season and the test of time.

Osprey Waypoint/Wayfarer from the Waypoint series of the Osprey company is considered one of the best travel companions. This backpack comes in two models, the Wayfarer 70 for females and the Waypoint 80 built specifically for men.

These models share features that promote a good trip. The backpacks are light, with weight ranging from 2.46-2.56 kilograms, with an optimum load range of 15-20 kilograms. The nylon material backpacks are padded with foam on the top and grab side handles.

The Waypoint /Wayfarer contains different compartments which include, a top accessory pocket, a large zipped lockable compartment and another for additional space. An extra security zipped compartment is also available to store away valuables.

Still, on compartments, there is dual stretch woven external side pocket (for water bottle) allowing additional space in the accessory compartment. These backpacks are equipped with makeshift sleeping pad straps. Other things could be stored in these straps as well.

One of the high points of these backpacks is the Waypoint/Wayfarer day pack. This day pack is full zip & clip, making it detachable from the bag. This day pack could be attached in front via the clip, giving travelers more room to carry more things and easy access.

The day pack has a padded flap behind it. The flap closes a zippered sleeve with a touch-sensitive film which could hold a tablet. For easy access, the flap can be peeled open to operate ones’ tablet without removing it from the sleeve.

They also have adjustable gender specific space mesh harness and an adjustable sternum straps, with an adjustable hip belt, both could be tucked away. These are connected to integrated, internal HDPE frame sheet and peripheral light wire frame, for maximum comfort.

Owing an Osprey Waypoint/Wayfarer is a smart move for adventurous escapes, it provides maximum comfort and it can accommodate all those other travel necessities. It is definitely high on my travel gear list.

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