Road Trip That Looks Like Paradise – Miami To Key West

When you’re looking for a road trip experience, you should definitely look into driving from Miami to Key West. This is one of the best places to enjoy a never ending road of pristine ocean waters in America. With more than 40 islands to go through, a drive from Miami to Key West may be the ultimate road trip experience you’re looking for.

Driving from Miami to Key West takes more or less about four hours. However, this totally depends on the fact how many stops you are going to make in the duration of the trip while also incorporating possible traffic. Since you will be driving along Highway 1 Overseas Highway, which is a very long strip of road heading to Key West while passing through Florida Keys.

Before driving out, you and/or your group should consider riding a convertible. Imagine driving through the highway with the wind in your hair while someone busts out an awesome playlist – just like in the movies! However, you should consider that number of people as well as the amount of luggage each of you will bring. Imagine driving a convertible sports car with four people and four luggage or backpacks, it just simply doesn’t work. You guys might want to consider tugging along a Jeep as an option, which can be rented in Miami.

Do not miss these places on your epic road trip

The stretch from Miami to Key West road trip is about 110 miles in, it’s best that you don’t go when it is traffic. If you’re looking into a weekend getaway, you should travel sometime in the morning of a Friday or a Saturday and come drive back on a Sunday afternoon. This is so you get the most out of your trip.

When you go on this epic road trip experience, you can drive south until you get to a place called “Robert Is Here”. It is a family-owned fruit stand that is located near Homestead. This could be a critical part of your journey as you can stock up on some food on the drive. The place offers the best Key Lime Milkshakes to take on your road trip while bringing some homemade as well as fresh from the farm fruits.

After getting your essentials at “Robert Is Here”, you can drive through or stop by areas of the Upper Keys if you and your group are into diving or fishing. The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park (located near the mile marker 102.6 going south) is the best place to stop to snorkel and kayak. There are coral reefs, mangroves and shipwrecks that you can visit if you’re an experienced or certified diver.

You can also visit Ma’s Fish Camp at the south of mile marker 82 or Robbie’s Marina at mile marker 77.5 where you can have lunch. After this, you’ll be arriving in the Middle Keys, which are mile markers 64 – 40. You’ll start seeing palm trees with a lot of ocean vistas along this area. This should provide you a laid back drive and then visit the Turtle Hospital or Pigeon Key.

Once you get to the Lower Keys (mile markers 40 – 0), you’ll be really close to your destination. However, the trip doesn’t have to come to a close as you can still visit a lot of other places along the way before getting to Key West. You can visit the Bahia Honda State Park where you’ll be able to bask in the sand with sandy beaches, nap along the palm trees while you or your friends go snorkel Looe Key.

Overall, driving from Miami to Key West is a great road trip experience. Although it does take four hours, it is best that you don’t plan to drive non-stop to meet this four-hour timeline.

You should be able to bask in the sun while appreciating your surroundings, so don’t hurry your drive to get to Key West in four hours. Take time to inhale the beauty of surroundings in the Upper and Middle Keys of your journey, while immersing in the nature and diverse wildlife you’ll find in the Lower Keys before finally getting to Key West.

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