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Hi! Thanks for your visit to my blog. I’m Sai…… Now here is my story – I’m a man who has a Crush With Wanderlust and wants to explore this beautiful planet. In other words, I’m digital nomad who is obsessed with discovering new things.

I’m glad to have you with me on my adventures. On this blog, I’ll share my travel experiences with you and make you a part of my journey as I escape a life stuck in the hammer wheel. I believe life should be made up of precious moments and the world is out there full of beautiful and unique adventures waiting for us. If you’re like me that want to enjoy some freedom away from the boredom of everyday living, then together we’ll discover the beauty of various countries and cultures.

Do you want to travel more but the following questions keep bothering you? Where to find the money to travel? How to find good travel deals and save money on flights, accommodations & other travel expenses? How to plan your trip and how to stay safe & healthy on your travels? Then you’re in the right place. Let me reveal to you how to live your dreams without spending a fortune.

I’ll be sharing real travel experiences with you as I explore the best cities and exotic places around the world. With this, I’ll help you see what it’s like to be on the road as I travel and help you do the same. My purpose is to help you build a sustainable travel lifestyle. I’ll narrate my travel experiences and share my adventure chronicles. As I have fun around the world, I hope to inspire you with my experiences so that you too can decide to live your dreams.

Apart from being an adventurous traveler, I’m also a food lover who is enthusiastic about local food from around the world. Ride along as I savor the food of different people and culture. If you’re a food lover like me, this is the right place to be.

I believe that my journey will motivate at least one person to strive hard and be the best that he/she can be. This will give me the satisfaction that I have made my mark.

I’ll show you how to build a touring life despite all circumstance through real experiences and adventures as a digital nomad. Don’t miss out! Join the adventure. Subscribe to the blog and get all the best travel news. You might also want to follow me on Twitter & Facebook or email me with any questions – I’m happy to help you out in any way that I can.

Now that you know what myself and my blog are all about, I hope you get informed and inspired.

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