15 Things I Learnt After 5 Years Of Traveling

After 5 years of embarking on a nomadic lifestyle and keeping you all posted on my new encounters on the same, I think it is time to share few of the best life lessons this continuity in travel has taught me.

1. I have started to love the minute details of everyday life as well as loving people across border for their rich indigenous culture.

2. I have been in the receiving and sending end of empathy multiple times during my sojourns. The intricate human mind and its immense emphatically power has pleasantly surprised me many times. At distress I have been helped by unknown kind people. I tried to return back love as much as possible, within my humble capacity as well.

3. During my travels, I realized this planet is a beautiful decoration of wonderful nature in abundance. However, resources are scared when it comes to be compared with ever growing human population. We must sustain and promote ethical tourism and emphasis on conservation efforts to ensure our future generation do get a glimpse of this beautiful world.

4. As much as the nature is beautiful, so is the heritage from days of old, the previous civilization has built. Time will take its definite toll, however it is our utmost responsibility to secure and promote whatever is remaining of glorious past. To trace the historical roots and pay proper respect to them plays a pivotal role in travel industry.

Beautiful Bagan by Y TR on 500px.com

5. During my travels, I have got my share of adrenaline rush from adventures like bungee jumping, scuba and many other which can only be cherished through experiences. No earthy possession can ever be compared with the fun of that.

6. Imagine feasting on never ending sea food as well as insect! Or how about a wild salmon from Arctic or weird foods like Hot Vit Lon or the sperm of a fish? I have tasted all of them and my mind is hungry for more of this exotics.

7. It was a pure bliss to witness baby Turtles being rescued and let go to the sea in Sri Lanka. That moment, I realized the world is home to many other species other than humans and as the most intelligent living species it comes as our responsibility to spread awareness to preserve every life. Every life matters!

8. My journeys have been a great source through which I have embarked on a new journey to understand different values of life, independent of color, race, etc. As a result, I have come to respect the local fisherman in Vietnam as much as I do the same for a Michelin rated chef.

Halong Bay Fisherman by Masi Bardi on 500px.com

9. Of course, you need to pick up on different languages when you are travelling the world. Mostly body language and a smile bring people closer however using few of the local idioms will only help you break the ice when trying to mingle with the locals. In the age of internet, it is not a difficult task either. Just indulge in different apps like Google Translate, and bask in the glory of being a linguistic.

10. I have been able to fund all my journeys while on the go. I was of course working on different projects while travelling. Adapting to different working styles never became a hindrance on my way to achieve my professional life goals.

11. As an explorer, I have inspired more & more people to travel and explore new places. We continuously exchange ideas and I am glad to know that I have been able to bring changes in people’s life. To be able to touch one life is a great deal. I feel the sense of self actualization whenever I come to think of it!

12. Global workforce lives with relatively strong virtual presence, have made new opportunities for me multiple times. As a result, I have been benefited by exchanging new ideas and incorporating them in my work, thus enhancing the outcome as a whole. It is indeed a positive impact for people like us, working on the go!

I Believe I Can Fly by Colorplayer on 500px.com

13. When a traveler and a local meets guess what happens next? Goes away a lot of social stigma and prejudice. Thus we certainly work together to make the world a better place to live in. In a world troubled with terrorism, racism, etc, we need more of these well wishers to spread the message of love!

14. Time immemorial, the first of explorers were sailors and they have opened the route to a new world. I as a traveler have experienced numerous opportunities of starting a new business during my travels. A successful collaboration with locals will often start a new era at the way to trade our stuff.

15. I have let go my habit of impulse shopping and invested my earning to travel the world. At the end it has only left me being a richer person with ample of experiences to share.

To sum it up, travel has made me a patient and calm person who is always curious and open to try the new experiences this life has on offer!

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