How I Saved Money To Travel The World And You Can Too

When people look back on their life, it’s easy to get caught up in mistakes they made or regret missing out on different activities & events and to an extent that is a part of human nature.

For some people, the desire to redo their past and try again runs deep, which is why a lot of millennials & young adults are putting their life plans on hold in order to save money and travel the world.

Immersing themselves in other cultures and experiencing all this big blue planet has to offer is one of the most rewarding activities a person can do, but the factor of money & budgeting makes a lot of people halt before continuing on their dreams.

So how can you save money in order to allow yourself to go on the adventure of the life time? What is missing? Here are some pointers how I did it and how can too.

One idea is simple – start fundraising

Traveling is something a lot of more established adults wish they were able to partake on in their younger years, so seeing other people attempting to do just that gives them a sense of nostalgia they can’t help but lend a hand too.

Get an itinerary together of where you want to go, plan out maps and gather pictures together in order to show people in your life how excited and planned you are for this adventure. Asking for some simple help to your trip can go a long way.


Getting a second part-time job where you set up the direct deposit to go directly into your savings account is another great idea. This way, you won’t be tempted to spend the money before your trip and you are spending time that you are dedicating directly to it.

Including the fact that you are doing this in your proposal for your fundraising can also help show your friends, family and friends of friends how serious you are about this adventure.

Personally, I have done various jobs to support my travels, from making logos with these svg free flies to selling photos. Do not leave any opportunities that come by.

Cut out unnecessary luxuries

This is a hard one because it can be so vague, but setting your own rules for what this means is important to making sure you can stick to it.

If you are somebody who buys a $5 latte every morning, try cutting that out and instead transfer that $5 to your savings account or throw a $5 bill into your jar of cash. Weekly, you will be adding $35+, which is around $140 a month. That is a lot of money in the scheme of things!

Luxuries – continued.

Do you eat out often? Start buying groceries and limit yourself to eating out once or twice a week.

Do you drink with your friends multiple times a week? Grab a couple of bottles of wines with your friends and drink at one of your pal’s houses instead.

Saving money isn’t about cutting out everything enjoyable because it costs too much, but by finding ways to simply cut your costs down, especially if it has to do with savings for something like an exciting trip!

Overall, it will be beyond easy to start the money saving process. If you are dedicated to traveling around the world, wherever it is you feel called, it’ll be completely and totally worth it!

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