How To Plan Your Wedding In India

Wedding has a very special importance in everyone’s life. The auspicious occasion holds a prime importance and significance in every couple’s life. Everyone wishes for the most perfect and outstanding wedding event and when it comes to an Indian wedding, then no one expects less than a big fat Indian wedding.

Well, for an Indian wedding most of the people want that their special occasion should be planned in the most perfect way. However, the most important factor which plays an important role to plan the whole wedding function is the budget. It is very important to plan your wedding according to your budget; otherwise there are chances of falling in debt which is going to be repaid even after years of the marriage.

Therefore, it is better to plan your dream Indian wedding wisely and according to your budget. We will share you with a few handy tips which will help you to plan your wedding in India.

Make A List Of Your Resources

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First of all, before you even start to plan the wedding event it is better to make a list of all your funding sources. The funding sources can be your parent’s contribution, savings and etc. You just have to grab a paper and a pen to start making a list of your funding sources which will eventually end up in the form of a perfect budget for your Indian wedding.

Make A To Do List For Your Wedding

The next step is to create a list of things which are necessary for a wedding such as where you are going to have the wedding? Wedding car rental in Jaipur, marriage hall, Marquee, hotel or at private residence. Then craft down the list of wedding expenses such as Photography, catering, decor etc. Infact, it is better to contact a few banquet halls in Delhi, for example if you are getting married in Delhi. And, check for good deals with venue experts at WedMeGood – an online wedding planning site.

Write down their charges and rates for price comparison. Then whoever is suitable according to the budget shortlist them. Similarly, shortlist your wedding photographers also that way. This step is really very important in the planning procedure of the wedding. Indeed, if you are going to apply this step in a week or before your wedding day than there are chances that the entire function can go in a wrong direction. It is better to start your to do list research at least seven to eight months before the wedding event.

Wedding Outfit

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Everyone wishes to look classy and fabulous on their wedding day, especially women and nowadays men also. It is important to start selecting the outfit and jewelry at least 5-6 months prior to your wedding event. Otherwise, there may be some kind of measurements issue or lack of something etc which can create hassle on the event day. Therefore, it is better to check the wedding outfit at least one or two months before the wedding event to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Nevertheless, choose that outfit which looks best on you and that too not more than your expected budget.

Make A List Of Guests

It is very important to make a expected list of the guests and It is better to add a few more in the list so that if there are more guests in the wedding then you do not have to face any type of catering issues. The catering services in India usually charges person per head. Therefore always make the guest list at least a month before the wedding event. Try to invite your close friends and relatives to limit the guest list which save lot of bucks.

Lastly, do not spend lavishly on the decor, photography and wedding accessories. Indeed, you just have to follow the necessary tips and plan you Indian wedding accordingly to the budget.

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