Pykara Lake near Ooty

A Family Getaway to the Pristine Lake of Ooty – Pykara

About 21 km from the charming hill-station is located the scenic Pykara Lake near Ooty. The lake resides amidst rolling and lush valleys, thereby imparting a dreamlike beauty. They say that when visiting Ooty on a family vacation, Pykara Lake is a must-visit and rightly, so; it is splendid after all!

The lake is formed by the backwaters of the dam on the Pykara River. A perfect picnic spot around which you can find many things to do, this placid lake is a sight to behold. As beautiful as the lake is, the surroundings match up to it perfectly. You would be mesmerized by the charm of this fairy tale like location. You can indulge in a number of activities here with your kids to keep them entertained.

Pykara Lake near Ooty
Photo by Bhawyad [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons
Following is a list of things and places you can explore near Pykara Lake to fully enjoy your family getaway.

Enjoy Boating

Imagine getting to drift away soothingly in waters as beautiful as of Pykara Lake near Ooty. This is why it is the most-loved thing to do among visitors of this scenic lake. Even your kids will love this serene activity. Click photos with family and of the region to take home the beautiful memories, which you would make here.

Explore The ‘Shooting Point’

Located about 8 km from Pykara Lake near Ooty, the ‘Shooting Point’ is another spot for sightseeing in Ooty. You can sit back here and just enjoy the fresh mountain air and your little ones can play in the open fields.

Eat At The Boathouse Restaurant

Having spent hours admiring the beauty of Pykara Lake and the nearby areas, you are bound to be hungry and crave something delicious to eat. There is a boathouse restaurant on the location, where you can eat and relax, before heading back to your resort in Ooty.

How To Reach

To reach Ooty and from there to arrive at Pykara Lake near Ooty, you may choose to travel by flight, train, taxi, or bus. The nearest airport is in Coimbatore, which is a domestic airport, but well-connected to major Indian cities. To come here by train, you would have to get off at Mettupalayam, located at around 40 km from Ooty in the state of Tamil Nadu. Buses from major South Indian cities ply to Ooty bus stop. From Calicut, it is just a six-hour bus ride to Ooty.

Where To Stay

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